Italian Innovation: Molino Oleificio Manzoni's Know-How Makes Food Better

Clarkson Soy Products announced a new agreement with Vailate-Italy's Molino Oleificio Manzoni S.r.l., for exclusive North American distribution rights for their organic soy lecithin. Clarkson, the first producer of organic soy lecithin in the United States, uses a mechanical process that removes the use of chemical solvents commonly used to make conventional and non-GMO soy lecithin. Due to this innovation, Clarkson Grain sells organic soy lecithin to companies producing organic chocolates, cereals, cosmetics, power bars, breads and cookies. With a growing demand for their product due to increased popularity and global shortage of organic soybeans, Clarkson looked to Italian company Molino Oleificio Manzoni for help in order to continue to exceed customers' expectations.

Molino Oleificio Manzoni has been a master oil producer for more than 100 years, using a process identical to Clarkson's. Molino produces organic oil and meal from soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed and safflower in their cutting edge processing facilities in Vailate, Italy. With the current supply demand imbalance of organic soy lecithin, Clarkson now has a second source of raw material, and plans to maintain this new agreement with the Italian company going forward in order to keep the period between placing an order and receiving it shortened. With added soy lecithin supplies, coupled with Clarkson's U.S processing capacity, the soy lecithin demand will soon be alleviated. The first shipments from Italy are expected to arrive for distribution mid-January.