Italy Invests in the US: Losma SpA Opens New Facility in Sparta (NJ) June 22, 2012 Photos Available

Italy's Losma SpA, US-subsidiary Losma Inc. which has been operational since 1992 in the US, inaugurated the opening of its new office in Sparta, New Jersey on June 22, 2012. In attendance was the Italian Trade Commission's Executive Director, Aniello Musella.

The new location covers over 80,000 sq. ft. (7,500 sq. meters) of which 16,000 sq. ft. (1,500 sq. meters) will not only host offices, along with a warehouse providing parts and accessories, but more notably will have a section dedicated to the assembly of equipment.

The reasons for taking advantage of a new location are based on the rapid growth of the US subsidiary here in the US, along with providing a more custom "Americanization" of the company's product line.

Thanks to the investments in infrastructure and personel supported in part by finnacial assistance from Italy's SIMEST SpA, the company will take advantage of new marketing activities dedicated to the US market, such as open houses, trade shows, advertising campaigns along with a US-dedicated company web site.

Having a localized point of reference within the US, will expedite and streamline sales and after the sale support on the part of the company.

The US location, along with the company's other facilities outside of Italy in Germany, Britain and India reflect the importance the company places on having a presence within its growth markets.

Photos of the June 22, 2012 event are now available here.

About Losma Spa

The company Losma SpA was founded in 1974 in Curno (province of Bergamo), Italy with a precise "company mission": to operate in the field of environmental protection by engineering and producing systems for the treatment of air and the filtration of coolants in the machine tool sector.