Italy Invests in the US: Italy's Arcadia Spa to Set Up First With Offices in Marion (MA)

Italy's Arcadia SpA, a developer of food packaging which it claims can extend the shelf life of a variety of products is planning to open a US manufacturing site to cope with expected demand.  Click on the source link to read the full article.

About Arcadia SpA

The packaging is: product, image, research and quality. Packaging is everywhere: there is no product that does not have a package which characterises it, protects it, transports it and explains it. Everything is packaged, put in an envelope, boxed, bagged, wrapped in paper, bottled or wrapped in film.

Arcadia, taking over an activity with twenty years' experience in the bubble wrap extrusion sector, has managed to create a winning combination between tradition and innovation, exploiting the experience acquired over time and adding new generation means and ideas. For more information on the company click here