Italian Textile Machinery: State of the Industy Report 2012

Italy's association for textile machinery, ACIMIT, reported textile machinery orders for the third quarter of 2012 grew by eight percent (8%) over the previous quarter, for an absolute value of 108.2 points (2005=100). A comparison with the same period in 2011 showed an even greater increase (+53%), a positive result which is due solely to orders originating from foreign markets, whereas the situation in Italy highlighted a decidedly opposite and negative trend.

In fact, orders from foreign markets rose 11% compared to the period from April to June 2012, for an absolute value of 123.3 points. This was in sharp contrast to the negative trend in orders from Italian manufacturers in the domestic market, where a 13% reduction with respect to the previous quarter resulted in an absolute value of 57.8; even when compared to the same quarter for 2011, which represented the lowest minimum level since 2010 to the present, the comparison on the attached graph reveals a negative trend of -5%.