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ve formed a group. The result is a company producing core shooting machines and using them twenty four hours a day for the daily production of sixty tons of cores for the automotive industry. That's why we are capable not only of producing cores for foundries but also of engineering machines producing by means of a reliable, effective process under control. Today, our selective and prestigeful...

Simi Srl Peterle


SIMI was established in 1993 by people with over thirty years experience in foundry field. Born as a core making company in few years reaches 20.000 tons of cores per year production capacity mostly for the automotive industry. SIMI success is granted by Peterle core shooting machines, a well-known brand for efficiency and reliability.

In 2007 Simi decides to acquire Peterle...


SIPAG BISALTA has been working for over 50 years in the foundry market with a wide range of products and solutions among which bentonites, premixed and briquettes are the most important. The headquarters located in Genoa, SIPAG BISALTA operates through his three plants in Peveragno (CN), Sovizzo (VI), and by his partner SOMIES, in Pietracuta di San Leo (PU). A selection of raw materials, constant...

SIR S.p.A.

Emilia Romagna
SIR was established in 1984 when its founder, Luciano Passoni, got the idea of joining three branches of the same corporation in a single company that already had ten years of valuable experience in its background. An electronics company, a mechanical company and an important technical design office thus joined forces to become an engineering firm engaged in the business of developing robotics...
SIR spa

SIR spa

Emilia Romagna

SIR is a Global Robotic System Integrator with more than 3000 applications in operation world-wide, installed in different industrial production sectors, from the small workshop to the major multinational.

SIR can satisfy all specific needs with the most suitable solution,...


Since more over 25 years in this segment, with a turnover of 15 milion euro, SSB counts now 60 employees besides a number of ca. 300 external units. The company operates in two plants and head office at the industrial port of Oristano, where ships loading 4-5000 tons are sent to various destinations, from European and extra-European countries up to South Korea. The other plant, where packed...

SPACE S.r.l.


Space S.r.l. is strongly committed in the design and construction of green sand cooling and preparation plants. The Company was established in 1979, by a team of engineers formerly serving in a well reputated Company having history in Foundry Industry. In the last years, the relevant success obtained in the European Market as well as in the Eastern Countries, proved the technological high...


Sud-Chemie Imic Italia srl is a leading company in developing, manufacturing and sales of high quality Bentonites and Lustrous Carbon Formers. The facility of Sud-Chemie Imic Italia srl, located at Silvano Pietra (PV), has a production capacity over 36.000 tons per year permitting to serve all Foundries in Italy with logistic and cost efficiency. SocietD Sarda di Bentonite s.r.l is the...


Tecno Vibrazioni Venanzetti is a leading Company in the production of vibrating equipment and machinery with over 50 years' specific experience in this sector. Its presence on the market in guaranteed by a far-reaching sales force and after - sales service, now present internationally. In order to fulfill effectively and functionally its clients' demands, T.V.V. considers fundamental mastering...



TVT- Termoventiltecnica is a leading company in the areas of fume-filtering, suction, and energy-recycling. TVT's mission is not to 'provide a product' but to 'provide a solution'.