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Protec Fond S.r.l "Technical Products for Foundry" was founded in 1995 and offers since then high quality products and professional services for the foundry industry. We dispose of large and modern buildings, quality control and research and development laboratories, a large warehouse and efficient and continuously improved machinery and production plants. We constantly optimize and develop...

Raffineria Metalli Guizzi


We are an Italian family-run company operating in the field of metal recovery. Our history is rooted in passion and dedication to work.

We have always been proud investors in people who contribute to making...


Emilia Romagna
Founded in the year 1984, R.C. Informatica works in the sector of the Production of Application Software for Companies and IT Consultancy.During its activity, R.C. Informatica has developed "custom-made" Software Applications for meeting company requirements, oriented to different categories. In order to be able to compete in a constantly evolving market, small and medium-size enterprises have to...



Safond Sabbie da Fonderia S.r.l. has been operating since 1981 at Montecchio Precalcino in the Province of Vicenza on an area specifically allocated to the recovery and disposal of smelting industrial waste. Safond policy has always been underpinned by one central objective, the search for services aimed at favouring the recovery and reuse of waste, as an environmentally sustainable and...

SAPIO Prod. Idrog. Ossigeno S.r.l.

Since 1922 Sapio Group is producing and selling, through its commercial structure, all the technical, pure, mediacal gases and is offering innovative technologies for improving the efficiency of the process and for the reduction of the environmental impact. With the help from the research and developmente group of its international partner, Air Products (one of the worldwide leader company for...



SATEF-HA began its activity in 1946 quarrying and processing sands and clays for steel and iron foundries, in association with DE RIGHETTI & FILE  in Milan, a trade company operating in this field since 1924 in the sale of raw materials and auxiliary products for foundry. In Vicenza SATEF-HA has been producing and dealing the whole range of foundry auxiliaries, supplying complete,...


SAVELLI S.p.A. a family owned business and international leader in the Foundry field  was established in 1842. The company has two industrial units; at Brescia (Italy), Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and a commercial unit in Switzerland.


Emilia Romagna

Servizi Industriali is a world leading manifacturer of high-efficiency separation systems based on vertical separators (Solid Bowl / Self-cleaning).

High speed centrifugal separators are the most effective solution for industrial fluids (Lube oil, Turbine oil, Gear Oil...

SIB S.r.l.

SIB srl is an industrial structure who has produced combustion systems used in civil and industrial field, industrial furnace and machineries for foundries for over 30 years, by its own technologies and know-how, thanks to a very widespread knowleadge both in planning and in production and maintenance phase. Several applications in the field of aluminium, no ferrous alloys and glass smelting...


SIBELCO ITALIA S.p.A. is the Italian branch of the S.C.R. SIBELCO Group ? Anvers which works with its subsidiary companies in nearly all the countries of the world and represents the most important reality in quarzfield, either as regards the reserves of raw materials or the production technologies. The market branches where we are present are: float glass, container glass, foundry, ceramics,...