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For over 30 years our company has produced automatic lines and machine for the production of cast iron heating items, such as radiators and boiler elements for home heating. Our business began at the half of 70–s by gaining invaluable experience in "Thermoshock" technology, for the production of cores for heating radiators and boiler bodies. During the last 20 years we have been improving our...


Gilardoni S.p.A., founded in 1947, is one of the main manufacturers around the world of X-ray and ultrasonic units in the non-destructive testing, medical and security sectors. At present time approx. 200 people work in the R&D, manufacturing, distribution and technical assistance all around the world. Since 1968 Gilardoni carries out non-destructive testing in the foundry sector with the...

Gioria S.p.A. fonderie e costruzioni meccaniche

Our company was established in 1962 and has been operating ever since as a common and special cast iron foundry.
After few years from the...


Houghton Italia is a Company belonging to Houghton International Inc., founded in Philadelphia (USA) in 1865. The Houghton group since the beginning is dedicated to supply oil and chemicals to the industry providing innovative and reliable solutions. The aim is to have the correct product in the correct place and conditions to ensure cost effective performances with minimum adverse effect to...

I.M.F S.r.l.

Founded by Gabriele Galante in 1972, IMF is today the world market leader for the production of machines and systems for the Chemicalbonded sand system (No-Bake). The company has based its success on two fundamental elements: the know-how it has acquired throughout the years, and the professionalism of its technicians, creating a team that works with the same objective: to satisfy Customer...

IDRA S.r.l.


Idra is an industrial entity carrying on Idra Presse tradition in the die-casting market. As well known in the die-casting industry, since its foundation in 1946, Idra has been the reference point for development of die casting technology. The Idra Group also includes Preconomy, manufacturer of dies for the automotive industry located in the UK. Production ranges from small tonnage die...



IECI Thermal Regulators was founded in 1972 as an industrial electro-plumbing company. The company specialises in the production of thermal regulators for dies for the metal industries, responding to the rising demand of its clients for equipment to control die temperature. The strong will for innovation has quickly brought IECI to consider technological research and experimentation to the...

IMC S.r.l.

At present FOUNDRY AUTOMATION has joined IMF Group operating with the IMC brand, has a a worldwide reputation as high-quality supplier for core shooting machines. In the coremaking field, IMC continues the FOUNDRY AUTOMATION brand name tradition supplying machines for all process such as COLD-BOX, HOT-BOX, CRONING and SHELL-MOULDING in order to cover the complete range for all needs. Furthermore...


Since 1954 IMIC S.p.A. has been one of the most important producers of precoated sands for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous foundries, using both liquid resin plants and hot resin plants for a complete satisfaction of the customers' needs. IMIC is also involved in the market of silica sands, chromite sands and special sands. In 2008 IMIC and Societ

IMR S.p.A.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

IMR SpA is known as a leading supplire of high quality machines and services for the casting of copper based alloys. The extensive experience acquired world wide and research carried out since 1959 has lead to the development of Turn-key projects, ranging from the initial feasibility study, through to the supply of all machinery, design aspects, project management and personal training. IMR...