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Varinelli Officine Meccaniche S.r.l.


VARINELLI co. built the first broaching machines in the early fifties. Generally, they were simple Internal Broaching Machines. These broaching machines were later developed and improved, and today are built for specific industrial sectors and manufacturers of small and medium size. The Western Europe Motorcar Industry, in great evolution from the end of fifties up to sixties, was the vehicle for VARINELLI to promote continuous and further developments in the broaching field. Thanks to some Patents and manufacturing agreements obtained from the USA broaching machines manufacturers, and thanks to the continuous development of their own technical ability, those years fostered the birth of the models and types of machines which, still now, are the base of our special range of production.

In February 2000, VARINELLI S.p.A. became part of the ARTHUR KLINK INTERNATIONAL BROACHING GROUP, with the name VARINELLI S.r.l. This operation has permitted integration at the highest level of broaching technology, with a particular focus and a further development of broaching machines core-business.