Famar Tec Srl


Officine Meccaniche Murgesi S.R.L.

Established in 1975, OMM masters integrated technologies for the design, construction and "turnkey" supply of automatic and robotised lines for optimising manufacturing processes. Since its start-up, OMM has been operating both on the Italian and international market. 

SIMA srl

SIMA was founded in 1947. In its beginning SIMA manufactured ancillary machines for spinning and twisting such as winders and other finishing machines like balling machines and small twisters.

Later on, SIMA specialized themselves in the manufacturing of machinery for ropes and twisted yarns, becoming a leader in this field, strengthening SIMA presence all over the world.


Bonetti Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l.

Bonetti Co. starts operations in 1978, producing heavy industrial assemblies and parts for steel industries; when in 1990 starts producing bandsaw machine with OPUS brand name applying their large technological know-how.
Now Bonetti Group is a global player focused on design and manufacturing of rugged bandsaw machines and special purpose bandsaws.