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Established in 1947, Aletti Giovanni & Figli is a Company that has contributed to the writing of the history of the Italian tanning sector. Innovative technical solutions, advanced technology, quality, and reliability are the main features that Aletti offers in all machines and lines covering THREE MAIN FIELDS:

The well-known TANNERY MACHINES production including the most COMPLETE RANGE OF MACHINES FOR SKINS in the world (fleshing, sammying, shaving, wet buffing, setting-out, staking, buffing, dedusting, ironing and polishing machines) , advanced machines for hides and pig skins ( including fleshing, shaving, setting out, buffing, dedusting, polishing and sammying) and the COMPLETE RANGE OF BUFFING MACHINES for all types of leather (our legitimate pride is to be the most ancient manufacturer of buffing machines in the world)

The TEXTILE AND NON WOVENS MACHINES production including the high tech endless band buffing machine (suitable for plain and for the exclusive pattern buffing) and a complete range of special de-dusting machines designed for all kinds of cleaning requirements

The RUBBER AND SYNTHETIC PRODUCTS MACHINES (including machines for the finishing and the calibration of PU, PVC, SYNTHETIC LEATHER AND PRINTING BLANKETS) main interests lies on the final product, the reliability and the easy handling of the machine.