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Agricolmeccanica snc Company is located in Torviscosa (Udine). Now Agricolmeccanica's plant has expanded to an area of 5,500 square meters, with 3,500 covered and the others for machine exhibition. The original factory was founded by Mr. Giuseppe Tosoratti, an entrepreneur endowed with great capacity, creativity, ability and a lot of organizational spirit. His mist-sprayer products met great success on the market and at the 1964 International Exhibition of Verona, he received the bronze medal for the first mist-sprayer with gear-drive in oil bath, eliminating all the chain-transmission and belt drives. He also won the silver medal for the stainless steel double-use mist-sprayer. The firm is now directed by Gino and Renzo Tosoratti. They follow : -the different stages of production ( design, processing, test ) -the study of new techniques to make mist sprayers safer for both the operator and the environment. -the product's sale in Italy and across the world -the creation of new machines due to satisfy the most disparate needs of costumers. -the organization of exhibitions and field tests.