Today the future transcends boundaries; the Italian Technology Award's fundamental mission is to facilitate a networked economy.

Highlight the image of Italian technology, promoting its value in international training and research.
Establish a network that promotes the internationalization of Italian companies and long-lasting business
Support the expansion of Italian technology into new markets by educating future decision-makers
Advance Italy as a center of attraction for the best international talent.

The Competition

Candidates are asked to submit papers in their field of studies. Winners are awarded a unique one-week study tour to Italy. For the first week participants join students from all over the world at a leading Italian University where they participate in knowledge exchanges and discuss innovation while also touring world-renowned companies demonstrating Italian excellence in technology and production within the industry.

Global Network

With 10 Italian Technology Awards taking place on an annual basis, each year approximately over 70 foreign students arrive in Italy from all over the world. Major international universities from the following countries have been participating in the program for over 16years: USA, Canada, Russia, China, Mexico, India, Egypt, Iran, South Korea and Brazil.

Engineering Excellence

Each industry focused upon within the awards represents a heritage of Italian engineering excellence. The Awards focuses on the following industries:

  • Ceramic Machinery
  • Plastic & Rubber Machinery
  • Footwear, Leathergoods and Tanning Machinery  
  • Machines Tools
  • Textile Machinery
  • Woodworking Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Graphics & Paper Machines
  • Glass Machinery Technology
The Italian Trade Agency invites major universities and leading Italian companies to become partners in this truly unique project and share their values and insight.

Benefits for companies

Partner companies contribute to the Made in Italy initiative by showcasing their organizations commitment to innovation excellence. Companies welcome talented young people, encouraging training and integration into the work force, distinguishing itself as socially committed and as an image of progress, stability and development.

For each company involved this translated into visibility and commercial benefits. Putting future international managers of the sector face-to-face with its technologies and solutions will create a pool of potential international buyers and users and will expand and consolidate a network of contacts promoting trade, innovation and potential earnings.

Benefits for universities

The opportunity for a university’s involvement in the award programs expands educational curriculum by providing very specific international training experience by combining classroom activities, as well as immersion in business environments. The program is of no cost to the student or academic institution.

Alumni Portal

Italian Technology Award Alumni Portal can now connect students, faculty members, and Italian companies and associations that have been part of the program since its inception through the newly established online alumni network of past and present winners. The alumni network allows participants to continue exchanging ideas, concepts, and experiences through the convenience of social media. Alumni both academic and professional who have taken part in the Technology Award program are welcome to contact our Offices via the About Us section on this site here.

We are always looking to expand partnership opportunities. Please contact  our Offices in Chicago, Toronto and Mexico City via the "About Us" section of this site here to become involved.