Lamiera 2016

LAMIERA is Italy's most qualified international exhibition for metal-forming technology and equipment and in partiuclar for machine tools for sheet metal working and for manufacturing pipes, sections, wire and metal structures, as well as dies, welding. and heat, surface treatment and finishing.

LAMIERA: Machines and Equipment for the Machining of Sheet Metal, Pipes, Sections, Wire and Metal

LAMIERA 2012 will continue to provide a real-time panoramic overview of what is currently taking place in the world of metal forming machinery and equipment. A core focus of the show is to promote and provide a forum for what defines technically advanced solutions via the exchange of ideas between manufacturers and potential customers. The 2010 edition had 441 exhibitors - 30% of which from foreign countries, were featured in a 37,000 sq. m. exhibit area. Of the 18,000+ attendees, seven percent came from outside of Italy.