SIMAC:International Exhibition of Machines and Technologies for Footwear and Leathergoods Industries

SIMAC is the exhibition reserved to footwear and leathergoods machinery manufacturers. Tanning Tech exhibition proposes the chemicals and technology of leather processing. Simac actually houses footwear and leathergoods manufacturers from all over the world who have the possibility of seeing machineries while they are working. If Tanning Tech booths house the most innovative technological proposals, the areas housing the great multinationals of chemistry propose the optimal solutions for a very high quality and, at the same time, eco-friendly tanning activity.

CIBUS TEC 2011: Food Processing Packaging Technology Exhibition

CIBUS TEC 2011 is Italy's most important food technology exhibition for more than 70 years. Held in Parma – in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, it has been representing food processing and packaging for: vegetables, fruit, milk / dairy products, meat, seafood, pasta and cereals.

Canadian Manufacturing Industry Business Outlook Report

There is a widespread optimism for the future of the Canadian manufacturing industry, at least according to a group of 384 senior executives surveyed for the Business Outlook 2011 – Innovation Advantage report. 

In fact, over 60% of the respondents anticipated that both sales and orders would grow throughout 2011.  Profits are also expected to grow significantly for at least 31% of the sample.

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Machines Italia Spring 2011 Magazine Now Available

The latest issue of Machines Italia examines how North American companies are using Italian Machinery to overcome 21st Century challenges by using great design and creative problem solving. Areas covered in this issue are addressing assembly challenges with advanced technologies; improving asset-management features and supplying equipment for asset-management technology; handling operational challenges on the production floor, and much more!