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Machines Italia Magazine Volume VIII: Italian Solutions Power Up North American Manufacturing Growth

As the North American economy continues to mount a recovery and sales begin to show steady growth, manufacturers are investing once again in new plants and equipment. Although millions of manufacturing jobs were lost over the past dozen years, we see companies starting to hire again to meet renewed demand.


EIMA International 2012: International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

The technology at the service of agriculture

The 2012 edition of Eima will even more strongly promote technology at the service of agriculture. New technical features, tailored to new production requirements, increasingly correspond to renewable energy sources, bioenergy, and the recycling of all components.

28. BI-MU: Metal Forming and Metal Cutting Machines, Robots, Automation and Auciliary Technologies

Now in its 28th edition, BI-MU, the trade fair for machine tools, robots, automation and ancillary products (NC units, tools, components and accessories), is recognized by manufacturers and users alike as the trade fair to attend in even-numbered years, alternating with EMO (the "official" world trade fair for the industry).

TECNARGILLA 2012: International Exhibition of Technology and Supplies for the Ceramics and Bricks

Over the years, Tecnargilla has become the biggest, most important international showcase of technological and stylistic innovation for the ceramics industry, offering a sneak preview of the innovative products of the future.

EUROCARNE 2012: International Exhibition of Meat Industry

Verona is set to be the meeting place for the most important meat industry professionals from May 24th to 27th 2012 on the occasion of Eurocarne 2012, the industry's most complete exhibition. The event boasts a long tradition and has been increasing its success with each edition, culminating in its 25th Silver anniversary in 2012.

LAMIERA: Machines and Equipment for the Machining of Sheet Metal, Pipes, Sections, Wire and Metal

LAMIERA 2012 will continue to provide a real-time panoramic overview of what is currently taking place in the world of metal forming machinery and equipment. A core focus of the show is to promote and provide a forum for what defines technically advanced solutions via the exchange of ideas between manufacturers and potential customers. The 2010 edition had 441 exhibitors - 30% of which from foreign countries, were featured in a 37,000 sq. m. exhibit area. Of the 18,000+ attendees, seven percent came from outside of Italy.

FOUNDEQ EUROPE: Exhibition of Equipment and Products for the Foundry, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

The 2010 editon of FOUNDEQ had over 500 exhibitors and 20,000 international visitors within a 15,000 sq. m. exhibition space at Brescia Italy's Garda Exhibition Centre. The 2012 edition will continue to represent different elements of the foundry industry ranging from extrusion, diecasting, foundry, rolling, finishing and surface treatments to joining techniques.

IPACK-IMA 2012: International Exhibition for Processing, Packaging and Material Handling Industry

IPACK-IMA 2012 is one of the most important international events in the industry of packaging, processing and material handling technology: a large system exhibition showcasing the very top technology and solutions in all food and non-food sectors for industry professionals from every corner of the world. Here, technology suppliers and end-user companies meet to increase business, create value, share knowledge and expertise and promote innovation, giving birth to a large professional community.

VITRUM 2011: International Trade Show Specialized in Machinery, Equipment and Systems

Glass magic, from tradition to technology