SAIE 2012: The International Building Exhibition

As of the 2010 edition, SAIE has a new format offering new services and new opportunities to meet + 170,000 industry professionals who attend the show each year. The show's forum allows for discussion of such diverse areas as new building solutions, projects and technologies for building architecture.

Italy Gives AME Annual Conference 2012 In Chicago Participants An Edge - An Italian Edge!

Machines Italia, via its Chicago Office, will officially present and make available to this year's participants, its second in its book series,

Claytech 2012 (Part of Tecnargilla 2012)

The world of technology for the brick industry will be on display at Claytech 2012. Claytech 2012 is a dedicated section within the Tecnargilla 2012 exibition.  Claytech 2012 continues to be an increasingly popular and prestigious section exclusively dedicated to suppliers of machinery and equipment for this sector. Claytech will be held in its usual location, halls A5-C5 of the Rimini Expo Center, and will feature a uniform, appealing exhibit scheme, all the better to highlight the many companies in this segment that will be taking part.