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Established in 1958 by Gianfranco Falorni, who began his business as a representative of well known suppliers of refractory materials for the glass industry, "Falorni Glass Furnaces" is today a renowned and successful company producing and installing complete glass melting plants. Starting from a counseling service, the company produces 'turnkey' systems for both artistic glasswares specialized in manual processing of glass, and the industrial glasswares having big automated plants. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, the company is now able to offer systems with high quality standard for the production of artistic glass, for special and industrial glass. Falorni Gianfranco is specialized in the construction of continuous furnaces with pre-heated air/natural gas and with oxygen/natural gas, for the production of soda-lime glass, lead crystal, borosilicate and special glass. The range of continuous furnaces has a producing capacity going from 3 to 30 tons per day for the semi-automatic glass factories, and from 20 to 100 tons per day for the industrial glass factories. The main feature of Falorni industrial plants is their reliability, due to the use of the best refractory materials and the best brands of components for the plants. Falorni TECH is the division of Falorni Gianfranco Srl (company operating in the field of hollow glass technologies and services) aimed to supply improved solutions for high capacity industrial glass plants. FALORNI TECH delivers fully integrated updated technologies and turn-key glass plants responding to all technical needs relative to preliminary feasibility study, batch analysis, plant conception, batch and furnace design and then execution of projects always respecting specifications, quality requirements, deadlines and costs. Falorni TECH accompanies Customers through the course of the project granting all achievements in terms of performance, quality standards, cost efficiency and durability. Falorni TECH provide a wide range of solutions:  TURN KEY GLASS PLANT  BATCH PLANTS  MELTING FURNACES ( regenerative, recuperative, oxy fuel from 20 to 350 ton/day)  ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT (batch charger, combustion systems, burners, recuperators, reversal system etc)  COMPLETE WORKING ENDS for high capacity plants  COLORING FOREHEARTHS  ENGINEERING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT  ECO GLASS INNOVATION  TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE