From North (Italy) to Central (US) Machines Italia Presents Its Forecast on the US Auto Industry

Machines Italia representatives together with the Italian Consulate in Chicago along with FIAT's SEPIN Manufacturing Training Unit, hosted a morning briefing on the US Automotive industry for a delegation of Northern Italian companies involved in said industry.

The presentation covered areas of US capital / durable goods imports including projections through 2012, along with an executive summary of the Machines Italia automotive industry survey. The survey focused on what US manufacturers are looking for in their global supply chain in terms of machinery and technology. The survey was done with Ward's AutoWorld Magazine which interviewed over 200 US automotive industry executives.

Machines Italia had present for networking opportunities, representatives from the following companies and agencies: Illinois Office of Trade & Investment, Foley & Lardner LLP, UGL Services Equis Operations and the Iowa Economic Development Authority to address individual concerns and interests of the delegates.

Some of the Italian companies which took part in the November 3rd, 2011 briefing were: TESEO S.p.A., MECAPLAS ITALIA S.p.A., SESTRIERE VERNICI S.r.l., SKILLAB S.r.l., MOLLEBALESTRA S.p.A., EMBRACO S.p.A., SPESSO GASKETS S.r.l., FIBET S.p.A., ALSTOM S.p.A., MOLLEBALESTRA S.p.A., ARIES, UTIL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. and HONESTAMP.