Machines Italia Manufacturing Conference Presentation: FEDERMACCHINE's Giancarlo Losma

Solving the Challenge of: Building an Eco-Sustainable Business Strategy:

A leader in building a sustainable business by developing eco-sustainable products, FEDERMACCHINE's outgoing President, Mr. Giancarlo Losma addresses the business imperative of transitioning your business to become more environmentally sustainable. He presents new technologies and new approaches to developing sustainable products, from the initial stage of design, choice of raw materials and appropriate production systems to product development, its disposal at the end of its life span and the recycling and re-use of the materials used.

LOSMA SPA, a company owned by Mr. Losma, produces filters, components capable of reducing as much as possible the impact of production machinery (of any kind) on the outside environment, as well as within the company walls, therefore ensuring the safety of the operators working on the machines, and limiting the dumping of toxic waste, like oils, fluids, and gases, into the environment. Read the full transcript at

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SUSTAINABILITY (2:38 -- 7:01)

  • Tradition of meeting market requirements and succeeding Product and Process Innovation
  • Sustainability as a competitive advantage (3:28 -- 4:49)
  • Three essential aspects of sustainability (4:50 -- 5:52)
  • What it means to do business with sustainability (5:52 -- 7:01)

Losma SPA: History/Intro (7:03 -- 10:02)

  • Intro/History (7:03 -- 8:35)
  • Creating a need for sustainable products (8:35 -- 10:02)


Losma SPA: Sustainabile Products & Services (10:03 -- 14:39)

  • Ecofriendly/sustainable products built with recyclable materials and that can be recycled (10:03 -- 11:22)
  • Green Heart Oil Filter Ensures Purification of the Air and is 100% Natural (11:23 -- 12:56)
  • Life Cycle Assessment: A tool capable of measuring the sustainability of the product from the design and selection of materials disposal and recycling (12:56 -- 14:39)

Social responsibility and economic development (14:40 -- 17:53)

  • Professional growth / training (15:15 -- 17:53)

Q&A -- Losma's Approach to Finding Skilled Labor (18:13 - 20:38)

  • Building an Eco-Sustainable Business Strategy