Machines Italia – Bringing Green to Fruition

For Immediate Release: CHICAGO (USA) - Italian wind turbine manufacturer Brevini Wind intends to start production on a new facility in Indiana in the third quarter of 2010. The original start date was for the first quarter in 2011, however interest generated at the American Wind Energy Association’s annual conference has lead to a decision to speed up the company’s timetable regarding the project.

The Italian company selected the region because of the outstanding technical talent pool as well as a strong base of suppliers and contractors. The manufacturing facility will employ 400 people once opened.

In addition to manufacturing activities, Brevini USA will move the headquarters in the region that will employ 50 people once relocation is finished.

In a time when “green” is the new buzzword, it is refreshing to see a company actually investing in the moment instead of just talking. The US alternative energy market is small, but with incentives from Congress and a push to wean itself of foreign energy, it is a growing sector. As noted by a recent report by the UN, wind, solar, and other clean technologies will attract $140 billion in investment, compared with $110 billion for gas and coal. The investment made by Brevini Wind will create jobs in America, support a local supply base, and provide innovative technology to an emerging market.