Italian Textile Machinery: ACIMIT's “Sustainable Technologies” Project Gets the "Green Light"

Italian textile machinery industry has become a benchmark in worldwide research for innovative technologies designed to reduce production costs and improve environmental impact. As part of its “Sustainable Technologies” project, ACIMIT firstly created the green label, a certification that aims to identify and render easily comprehensible the energy and environmental performances of textile machinery, in particular by pointing out the quantity of equivalent emissions of carbon dioxide (Carbon Footprint - CFP) produced during the machine’s operation.

Subsequently, the Association chose RINA (, an international certification body, to define and validate the process for issuing the ACIMIT green label. Manufacturers participating in the “Sustainable Technologies” project are in fact obliged to adhere to implementation measures and operating instructions on the measurement of energy and environmental performances declared by the green label. RINA does not just limit itself to defining regulatory measures, since it also inspects and verifies their correct application, thus providing a guarantee of the accuracy of the performance indicators reported on the ACIMIT green label. Each year, as stipulated by the specifications, a sampling of 20% of all the machinery producers participating in the project will be subjected to a monitoring procedure by RINA, which will control procedures for the measurement of parameters and the operating conditions of machines on which the green label is being affixed. The sampling inspection by RINA of green labels issued is a guarantee for all green label machinery produced in accordance with ACIMIT’s own specifications.


This year, RINA has verified green labels at 6 machinery manufacturers, out of the 34 which have thus far used this process: Flainox, Itema, Jaeggli, Reggiani, Santoni and Tonello. On 25 June, RINA released the certificate of conformity for the green label issuing process. With the green label certification procedure, Italian machinery manufacturers can provide potential customers verifiable information on the performance of their machinery. For ACIMIT, this is a moment of great satisfaction, ”The certificate of conformity released by RINA for our green label provides further confirmation of the entire sector’s commitment to sustainable production standards.”

About ACIMIT and the Italian Textile Machinery Industry

ACIMIT  represents an industrial sector comprising around 300 companies (employing close to 12,400 people) and producing machinery for an overall value of about 2.7 billion euros, with exports amounting to 80% of total sales. The quality of Italian textile technology is evidenced by the high number of countries in which Italian machinery is sold: around 130 countries worldwide. Creativity, technology, reliability and quality are the characteristics which have made Italy a global leader in the manufacturing of textile machinery. For more information: