Italian Innovation: Italy's Toscotec Reaches a Milestone With Its 100th Steel Yankee Dryer Sale

Italian paper machinery manufacturer Toscotec celebrated the sale of its 100th steel yankee dryer for tissue production with a ceremony held in its new factory unit at Marlia, Lucca earlier this month (October 2012).

It was the year 2000 when Toscotec delivered its first steel Yankee dryer – TT SYD – and in little over a decade the company has sold 100 units, establishing a firm position as the market leader for the technology. 50 different customers and 29 countries testify to this success. Tissue analyst Esko Uutela, said in a speech during the evening that Toscotec holds more than 70 per cent of the world market for steel Yankees, a market which is set for steady growth, since the technology offers numerous advantages: most specifically safety and energy saving, both topics of the moment.

In fact, more paper mills than ever have been considering the installation of the TT SYD, both for new paper machines and for retrofits, as the significant savings of this technology have gradually become more and more evident. The celebration attracted more than 300 clients from all over the world. During the evening three companies received awards: the Italian tissue producer Eurovast, who installed the first TT SYD, the Chinese group C&S, who bought 10 steel Yankee dryers from Toscotec, and another leading Chinese group, Vinda, who signed the contract for TT SYD number 100. The ceremony was held in a new building erected on the Toscotec production site. The new facility will be dedicated to the construction and assembly of Steel Yankees up to 22ft in diameter and 9m deckle.

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