Eurotech Inc announces a new business unit named Dynatem
Columbia Md (Usa) -  September 30 2019 - Eurotech Inc announces a new business unit named Dynatem to develop a new generation of ‘high performance mission computer’, suitable also for aerospace missions.

Dynatem will respond to new challenges in the edge supercomputing for complex environments, such as: aerospace sector and not only it. The business unit will specialize in design and construction of high-performance, robust and energy-efficient computing systems: the 'Mission computers’, to be applied in the aerospace and defense sectors.
The new business unit arises from the refocusing of the activities of the Dynatem company, acquired by Eurotech in 2011, and then integrated into the group. Dynatem was specialized in the design and rapid production of robust boards and calculation systems, as well as optimized for size, weight and power for use in land vehicles, aircraft and maritime installations. Dynatem will operate as an independent unit within Eurotech Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eurotech group.
"The conquest of space is entering a new era. It is no longer a question of projects with only scientific aims or demonstration of technological superiority financed only exclusively with public funds but of projects financed with large private capitals and therefore also with important commercial repercussions whose benefits will be even more than before for the benefit of the whole 'humanity. Over the years Eurotech has developed important technologies that the time has come to put at the service of this new effervescent market for the conquest of space "said Roberto Siagri, Eurotech Ceo.
Eurotech is an High-tech multinational company listed on the Milan stock exchange. The company is active in the High Performance Edge Computing and in the  Internet of Things.  In USA the company has branches in Columbia (MD), Salt Lake City (UT), Huntsville (AL) and Portland (OR) and the  USA business  account for 50% of the revenues. The remaining revenues, in 2019, are equally split  between Europe and Japan. The geographical areas of the United States and Europe have seen in the first half of 2019 an increase in turnover of  74.9% and 42.4%, respectively, compared to thesame period in  2018.