Distinguished Northern American Students Win Italian Technology Award to Study Advanced Engineering in Italy

November 1, 2017 – The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is pleased to announce the North American winners of its annual technology awards (see Attachment A for a full list). Essays by engineering students based in several renowned Universities in Canada, Mexico and the United States were selected by panels of Italian experts for their outstanding quality and innovativeness. Scholars and students receiving the award have been honored with a one-week educational trip to Northern Italy commencing November 5th, 2017. 

The initiative’s fundamental mission is to enrich the engineering education of North American students while providing a fast track to the academic research conducted by students all the way through a ready audience of Italian machinery manufacturers, for their consideration and potential implementation. Some research of note this year in the area of machine tools ranged from the creation of new mechanical bonds of metals and materials to addressing applications that reduce material volume thus keeping production and distribution costs low. The research related to the packaging sector included, for instance, the design of a machine running entirely off of pneumatic air and the analysis of technologies behind smart packaging such as bags for potato chips with alcohol detection systems to prevent drunk driving.

The 2017 winners will join distinguished students from other countries in an intense education program at the Università Carlo Cattaneo in Castellanza (Varese, Italy) to discuss innovations and best practices in the machine manufacturing industry. The program will not only provide academic growth but also an excellent opportunity for practical experience in international collaboration. Divided into groups according to their specialization, students will then tour top Italian machinery manufacturing factories and discover first-hand innovative technologies which have made Italian manufacturers recognized world leaders. They will also enjoy extended cultural and historic visits of various Italian cities. 

The awards are sponsored by ITA via its offices in Chicago and Houston for the US, Toronto for Canada and Mexico City for Mexico. A wide range of partners, both in Northern American countries and in Italy, helps with making it possible (see details in Attachment B).  

To learn about the Italian industrial machinery sector, please visit and register with www.machinesitalia.org and forr real time updates during the Award Program in Italy, follow us on Twitter @ITAChicago @ITAMachines and via our partners twitter accounts indicated below.  

For more information please contact the following ITA Staff:

For the US Machine Tool Technology Award Program: Italian Trade Agency, Chicago Office, Mr. Bart Pascoli, Tel. 312.670.4360, Fax: 312.670.5147 – chicago [at] ice.it
For the US Packaging Technology Award Program: Italian Trade Agency, Chicago Office, Ms. Brigitte Auteri, Tel. 312.670.4360, Fax: 312.670.5147 – chicago [at] ice.it
For the US Glassworking Machinery Technology Award Program: Italian Trade Agency, Houston Office, Mr. Salvatore Grignano, Tel. 281.888.4288, Fax 281.974.3100  - houston [at] ice.it
For the Canadian Machine Tool Technology Award Program - Italian Trade Agency, Toronto Office, Mr. James Johnson, Tel. 416. 598.1566, Fax: 416.598.1610 - toronto [at] ice.it
For the Mexican Plastic, Ceramic, Packaging and Machine Tool Technology Award Programs: ICE - Agencia Italiana para el Comercio Exterior, Ms. Eugenia Mesta, Tel. (52 55) 52808425, Fax: (52 55) 52802324 -  messico [at] ice.it 

Attachment A 2017 International Italian Technology Machinery Award North American Student and Professor Recipients:

Machine Tool Award USA:                             
Jennifer Shaffer - Clemson University
Josh Yolland - California Polytechnic State University

Kane Larson - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Devon Jones - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Machine Tool Award Canada:
Brock Watson - University of Waterloo                        
Mohammad Mashagbeh - University of Waterloo
Manfred Kao - University of Waterloo
Chi-Hsiang Liao - University of Waterloo
Prof. Giova Montesano - University of Waterloo

Packaging Award USA:                           
Claire Thomas - Rochester Institute of Technology
Vanessa Hinrich - University of Wisconsin-Stout
Prof. Koushik Saha - California Polytechnic State University

Glassworking Award USA:                             
Sean Locker - Alfred University
David Dobesh -Alfred University
Christian Leckband - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Prof. Alastair Cormack - Alfred University
Plastic Award Mexico:            
Ernesto Lorenzo Bonet - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Gabriela Torreblanca Bustos - Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Alejandra Pérez De Lara - Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Mauricio Islas Todd - Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Prof. Fernando Eugenio Pérez Agüeros- Upaep (Campus Puebla)

Ceramic Award Mexico:                 
Erika Tatiana - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Guillermo Itzcoatl Gómez Álvarez - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Diego Andrés Alonso De La Garza - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Eduardo García Silva - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Prof. Ana María Guzmán Hernández - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)

Packaging Award Mexico:  

Osmel Pérez Acosta - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Carolina Fabre Palacios - Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Luis Alberto Mota Mota - Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Prof. Daniel   Pedraza Hernández - Upaep (Campus Puebla)  

Machine Tool Award Mexico:                         
Maximiliano Solìs Medina - Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Adolfo Ríos González – Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Jorge Emanuel Menendez Amador - Upaep (Campus Puebla)
Andrea Carolina Salas Barrios - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Prof. Alberto Pérez - Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León (UANL)
Prof. José Domingo García Tepox - Upaep (Campus Puebla)

Attachment BBackground information
Awards by sector and relevant co-sponsors
All awards are sponsored by the ITA in collaboration with relevant Italian entrepreneurial associations, which act as co-sponsors and take part in selecting the essays. The US programs have as their US counterpart the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) for the machine tool, glassworking and packaging programs. The Canadian program has the University of Waterloo as a partner and the Mexican programs are carried out in collaboration with UANL and UPAEP universities. As collaborative partners in the initiative, each organization is motivated to support ITA’s mission to advance knowledge globally within the machine manufacturing industry for the next generation of engineering professionals.

This year is the 

* fourteenth US and fourth edition of Mexico Italian Packaging Technology Award (IPTA) in collaboration with the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (Ucima)
* seventh US, third Canada and second edition of Mexico Italian Machine Tool Technology Award (IMTTA) in collaboration with the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Robots, Automation Systems & Ancillary Products (Ucimu - Sistemi per produrre)
* second US Italian Glassworking Machinery Technology Award (IGMTA) in collaboration with the Italian Association of Glass-Processing Machinery and Accessory Suppliers (Gimav)
* fifth edition of Mexico italian Plastic Machinery Technology Award (IPMTA), in collaboration with the Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers' Association (Amaplast) 
* fifth edition of  Mexico Italian Ceramic Machinery Technology Award (ICMTA), in collaboration with (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics (Acimac)

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AMAPLAST (Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers' Association)
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UCIMA (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association)
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UPAEP, known previously as Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (México)
Founded in 1973, UPAEP is currently a highly reputed university with both an important national and international presence offering over 43 undergraduate programs, 34 masters programs, 12 P.hD programs and 11 specialized degrees. Inside the University System exist the High Technology Service Center (CESAT), responsible for providing technological development, research, certification and consulting areas aimed at collaborating for offering solutions to industrial as well as societal  problems. Several Italian machines have been installed at the University and make up its center dedicated to developing advanced plastic technologies. Follow @UPAEP on Twitter and visit www.upaep.mx

Università Carlo Cattaneo - LIUC
LIUC is an independent, state-recognized institution situated in the small town of Castellanza, within easy reach of Milan. The University is an important example of the tradition for initiative and entrepreneurship in this part of Italy. It was founded on the initiative of the Industrial Association of the Province of Varese and was immediately recognized for its close relationships with the business world. The university is organized in three Faculties (Business & Economics, Business Law and Management Engineering). In 1999, the university was the first non-public university to offer a bachelor in Management Engineering in Italy. Follow @UniLIUC on Twitter and visit www.liuc.it.