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Meloni Tecno-Handling Srl

Manufacturer of custom made overhead cranes.


Emilia Romagna
For three generations, "Modelleria Brambilla", a ISO 9001 certified company, has been implementing high quality products in the foundry engineering industry. With his 20-year experience, Eugenio Brambilla established the company in Carpi in 1951. Over the years, it developed from a small craft industry, which mainly dealt with local operators, into a company whose products are exported all over...

O.M.A.R. S.r.l.


O.M.A.R. Group was founded in 1978 as a small company, whose main target was to become a point of reference on the air treatment and the improvement of the working environments. Today, that small company has become one of Italy's leading companies in the development and production of industrial suction plants and systems for the removal of pollutant substances, thanks to over 30 years...

OMLER 2000 S.r.l.

OMLER 2000 s.r.l. has its premises a few kilometres from Bra, on the way to Turin. Since 1976 it has been designing and manufacturing toolings, equipments, components and de-coring pneumatic vibrators with the highest technological standards in several fields: cast iron and aluminium foundries, automotive industry and food industry. OMLER 2000's strategy in time has always focused on...

OMSG - Off. Mecc. San Giorgio S.p.A.

OMSG was established in 1961 and since that time has proved itself to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of decoring shot blast, shot-peening machines and machine systems. OMSG has a staff of about 70 people , based in Villa Cortese, on the outskirts of Milan and occupy a site of approx. 20,000 square metres OMSG has a second factory at Dairago (Milan) of approx. 21,000 square...


PANGBORN EUROPE S.r.l. manufactures since 1959 shot blasting and surface preparation systems, entirely in his facilities in Caronno Pertusella. The company offers the complete capability for surface preparation in foundry, and the range of equipment extends from compact standard machines to fully automatic plants with complete handling and control facilities, selected to satisfy the customer's...


Foundries are always striving to improve the quality and precision of their products, as well as continually reducing costs. The quality of cores has a very important part to play in reaching these objectives. PRIMAFOND, continuously researching the most simple and functional solutions, makes plants, machines and equipment for foundries and especially for core-shops. The long experience acquired...

PRO.ME.S. S.r.l.

PRO.M.E.S. is a highly dynamic company founded in 2006 by a team of engineers. The company rapidly developed, constantly increasing the services offered to its customers, thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired by its engineers during many years of collaboration with important companies. PRO.M.E.S. can design, manufacture and start electric melting and holding furnaces for ferrous and...



Progelta has a broad experience and know-how from many years of service to the international foundry industry. This anables the company to market "complete process packages" from the planning state to actual operation, technically and economically optimized, inducting equipment, automation, alloys and additives needed for the expected metallurgical results. The Company offers the...