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The company was founded in 1987 as M&R Srl. In 2001, to better handle the selective and demanding market, it divided into two distinctive companies, MR-TECH Srl and MRT Srl.

The core business of MR-TECH Srl is comprised of designing and manufacturing nozzles, injection systems, and hot half cover dies (thanks to the most modern designing equipment (CAD 2D-3D)/CAM registered under the trademark Thermosens by MR-TECH Srl).

MRT Srl The company is totally dedicated to the sales and technical support for technical components for complete injection systems manufactured by its subsidiary MR-TECH Srl. The Company's personalized technical consulting for its clients is vital to its business.

The chiefs of both MR-TECH and MRT have many years of experience as technical vendors of injection systems. They are also knowledgeable in designing and creating moulds and equipment, support for moulds and injection machines. With the exchange of these valuable long-term experiences and knowledge an excellent foundation for synergic development of injection systems which have been optimized to perform many tasks, even the most complex jobs, with the highest level of technical support to our client, from the planning phase to the final test.

Aside from the development of traditional injection systems which utilize the most common thermoplastic resins, we have acquired an increased level of expertise in the realization of injection systems for bi-components and/or bi-color. Particular attention has been dedicated to the development, planning, and realization of nozzles and injection systems for PET bottle grade. The material produced by MR-TECH Srl, prior to being on the market, have different types of qualitative and dimensional controls such as a security feature for a product created "on site" by an expert technical team, which is always at your service.

In 2006, MR-Tech entered into a partnership with the Korean group YUDO allowing to them to further expand into international markets.