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VM Motori was founded in 1947. The Company is specialised in the design and production of diesel engines for a variety of uses.


VM Motori's engines were initially targeted towards the industrial, agricultural and marine industries. It was the development of a new range of state of the art, turbocharged diesel engines in the mid-seventies that saw VM Motori start to make a name for itself in the automotive sector.

The Birth of the Turbotronic

In 1990 VM Motori launched the Turbotronic engine featuring an electronically controlled injection system and EGR. This engine, widely considered to be the cleanest light duty diesel engine in the world, was notable for having produced best in class performance and emissions results.

Prestigious Customers

Turbotronic's unequalled combination of performance, economy, emissions, noise control, cost effectiveness and quality, elements which have characterised the VM Motori product range over the years, attracted such well-known names as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Alfa Romeo and Rover. Many other important customers have adopted VM Motori's state of the art engines for a wide range of industrial, agricultural and marine applications.

VM Values

VM Motori's recognised design flexibility, coupled with the Company's ability to adapt to market fluctuations guarantees that the Company is able to respond quickly to market requirements. The broad product range offered and the design capabilities of VM's engineers make the Company an ideal partner for every diesel project. VM promises a quality product at a competitive price.           

Company Philosophy

Research and innovation, flexibility and adaptability are the driving forces behind VM's activities. The high level of customer support guaranteed from the beginning of each project though to its conclusion ensures customer satisfaction first time and every time.

Diesel engines - Generator units.