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Vision Tech Srl
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Vision Tech is an international company operating in a global market.
Its worldwide distribution and service network means being able to expeditiousiy provide the best possible solution to customer problems every time. In order to fully satisfy customers requirements, all Vision Tech products are periodically serviced according to a special maintenance schedule.

Servicing includes:

  • Emechanical jointing on positive drive belts without having to make recourse to specialised personnel for faster and more precise assembly
  • Jointing and repairing directly on the machine framework on customer premises without having to dismantle the belt, using modern equipment specifically designed for the purpose
  • Fitting and repairing of coated positive drive belts and positive drive belts with small blocks, even with steps of more then 80 mm

All servicing on customer premises is carried out according to rigorous house-standards, thus considerably cutting down on costs due to machine stoppage times.

Company applications:

Product categories:

A dependable, first rate supplier of positive drive belts for conveyor and drive techniques and special belts for all industrial sector, as well as coatings, joint, drilling and milling and small blocks. Vision Tech is also able to supply: conveyor belts, transmission flat belts, welded strings, elevator buckets, sheet rubber, pattern details and cold vulcanisation items