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The Valentini company, located in Camposampiero (Pd), in the North East of Italy, was founded in the mid 70’s and is specialized in the manufacturing of equipment for professional farmers. In addition to heavy duty tillage equipment, such as rotary hoes and power harrows with a working width op to 8 meters, approximately ten years ago it developed a line of stone crushers. This type of machine found a success more than what one could expect. The stone crushers of Valentini are currently available in 3 series and can work at a depth of up to 70 cm. (28’). This working depth makes these machines unique in the world as, at the moment, there is no competition that can achieve such performances. The stone crushers of Valentini are equipped with a reverse rotation drum on which are positioned a large number of bits made of special steel. The stones are lifted from the ground and then crushed into small pieces against the counter blades, producing uniform material, thanks also to an adjustable screen placed in the rear. In agriculture, the stone crushers convert fields full of stones into cultivable soil. A barren ground will then become good soil for vineyards, orchards, crops etc., increasing enormously its value. The worked soil will then be very homogeneous and will help the uniform penetration of plants roots, which will thrive and grow better, thanks also to the minerals released by the crushed stones. Rain and irrigation water will be distributed more uniformly and the humidity of the ground will be maintained longer. In industry, the stone crushers can be used in several applications, such as levelling and re-building gravel roads, crushing debris, maintaining service roads and cutting fire lines in forests, destroying stumps, creating and leveling parks, golf courses etc. The Valentinis help to preserve the environment and save money, because they are recycling existing material. So, to service a country road, it will not be necessary to bring gravel from a quarry, while debris, asphalt, concrete etc. will be shredded in place and it will not be necessary to dispose into a dump.