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United Symbol Srl
Emilia Romagna


United Symbol is a company, born in 1979, which plans, produces and installs machines and plants for the extruded ceramics and brick ware industry. During these years United Symbol has begun using completely automatic and semi-automatic plants, acquiring, in this way, a huge experience by supplying hundreds of plants in Italy and abroad.

In detail, the production range of United SYMBOL is mainly formed by:

  • Automatic single and multiple-wire cutting machines
  • Flat extruded punching-tile machine for special pieces (profiles and shaped surfaces)
  • Fast firing kiln slaving lines
  • Set-up benches for green materials and setting-unloading machines for dryer equipment's
  • Arrangement benches and kiln-cars setting-unloading machines
  • Roller kiln slaving lines
  • Flower- pot production slaving lines
  • Packaging and palletising lines
  • Automatic and semi-automatic plants to package and palletise (pallet and rack) mineral water 5 gallons bottles
  • Automatic and semi-automatic manipulators

Their firm’s structure has evolved and become very flexible, both in projecting and in following plants due to the fixtures in the extruded ceramic and brick ware field; they must be “personalized” in conformity with the particular customer needing, because often these plants must be inserted in pre-existing productive units. This flexibility together with the very high quality and technology level of machines, has determinably contributed to the growth of the United Symbol name in a great number of factories all over the world.

All the new technologies are used for the machines built by United Symbol which allow them to obtain a high level of the qualitative and productive level, connected to a high productive flexibility . Last but not least, the important factor of success for United Symbol is the careful testing done in their factory, before the delivery; which lessens the time needed for starting by the client.

Therefore, United Symbol is at disposal with its staff, to face with the problems you will kindly submit, to examine them with own peculiar competence and, consequently, to formulate the best technical and economical proposal.

Year established:
Foreign locations:
    • Sistemas Tecnicos, Castellon, Spain, (Telephone: +34 964255960)
    • Tecton gmbh, Krumbach-Allemagne, Germany, (Telephone: +49 8282881990)
Foreign markets:

Spain, Germany

Company applications:

Materials, equipment supplied:

  • Forming
  • Shaping
  • Casting
  • Various equipment and accessories
  • Cutters
  • Complete turnkey plants, For bricks and roof tiles, For tiles, For refractories
  • Complementary and product finishing machines
  • Abrasives
  • Palletisation and packaging
  • Heat-shrinking ovens
  • Shrink sleeving machines and stretch film machines
  • Palletisers
  • Strapping machines
  • Sorting and packaging
  • Molds
  • Extruder dies and grids for bricks and roof tiles
  • Storage and handling
  • Loading and unloading machines, transfer machines
  • Floor-level fixed transport systems

Product Categories:

  • Heavy clay
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Refractories
  • Sanitary ware