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The UNILOY brand is an industry leader in blow molding and structural foam/web solutions for a wide range of applications.  No other partner offers our comprehensive family of technologies to perfectly match your application needs.
UNILOY delivers far more than just machinery, molds, and tooling. We deliver total turnkey solutions to rapidly and cost-effectively transform your ideas into reality. Whether you are looking for unique shelf appeal in a consumer beverage product or a more durable solution for an industrial component, we can help.
Our core blow molding technologies include the proven UR Reciprocating Series for economical production of HDPE containers and parts, UA Accumulator Head for medium to large parts and containers, and UIB Injection-Blow for flash-free, high-precision finished containers. In addition, our USF Structural Foam/Web systems are ideal for reliable and efficient production of rugged, large parts. Our Molds & Tooling Group designs and manufactures innovative blow mold tooling for UNILOY equipment and a wide range of other brands. We also offer technical support, training, and in-plant service for all UNILOY equipment.


Blow moulding machines: extrusion/blow moulding, injection/blow moulding, containers, tanks, bottles, technical articles.