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Tyrolit Vincent Srl


The Tyrolit Group is a world leader in the production and distribution of:

  • Conventional and super abrasives for applications in the fields of glass and optics, precision mechanics and metallurgy
  • Diamond tools for applications in the building industry, natural stone and ceramics sectors
  • Modular machine systems for the controlled demolition of buildings

Tyrolit, founded in Austria in 1919, today operates through several production units, together with numerous trade structures and service centers in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Tyrolit Vincent Srl, created in January 1994 in Thiene (Vicenza – Italy), designs, produces and distributes in Italy and in the rest of the world, diamond tools with Tyrolit and Vincent trademarks for the following fields:

  • Glass and Optics: complete product range of diamond tools for glass grinding and cutting
  • Natural / Engineered Stone and Ceramics: integrated product range from quarrying and primary cutting to slab/tiles calibrating, edging, profiling and polishing

Tyrolit Vincent has activated a globalization process with a "local worldwide" operating policy. The result is in offering locally an integrated product range and customized solutions with high standard quality meeting customers’ requirements and offering active assistance, as well as continuous technical training.

In Italy the company has its headquarter and main manufacturing plant in Thiene (Vicenza) with several production facilities all over the country. Tyrolit Vincent is also present world-wide and operates in the main strategic markets through its affiliated companies, distributors and numerous branches.

The quality of Tyrolit Vincent tools is EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, which ensures compliance with the most demanding quality procedures and standards in all phases of design, manufacture and distribution. In 1999, the company also obtained the EN ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Year established:
# of employees:
Annual turnover:
€ 60.000.000
Foreign locations:
    • PT Tyrolit Vincent – Jakarta (Indonesia)
    • Tyrolit Superabrasives Tools – Suzhou (China)
    • Tyrolit Middle East – Dubai (UAE)
    • Tyrolit do Brasil - San Paolo (Brasil)
    • Tyrolit Vincent North America - Oak Park (Usa)
    • Tyrolit Superabrasives Tools - Bangalore (India)
  • EN ISO 9001:200
  • EN ISO 14001
Company applications:

Index of products: 

  • Cutting and etching machines
  • Other machines, tools and accessories for hollow glass processing
  • Diamond tools for cutting
  • Diamond tools for edging and bevelling
  • Polishing wheels
  • Diamond drills
  • Diamond tools for engraving