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T.S.C Srl
Emilia Romagna


A significant evolution of T.S.C. Srl began in 2002 with the acquisition of an important brand name of the sector, presenting the market with complete systems for the third fire and trims, offering to its customers a complete range of products creating innovative custom-made technical specifications.

The market trend ceramic stones with natural effects and the return of the raw materials applied dry (atomized powders and coloured grits) stimulated T.S.C., which after years of continuous research, has made available to customers the patented technology: Décor Dry. A dry decoration system with graphics capability, similar to the wet printing silk-screen however, was able to ensure the massive and natural color effect that only with the use of raw materials (powders) or colored grits can be obtained; and helped find great success throughout the international market in 2003.

T.S.C. Srl, notoriously sensitive to market trends, then brought in 2008, JDP 2008: the only digital inkjet machine specially created for the third firing sector and special pieces. Gained through experience on the digital JDP 08, T.S.C. Srl has created for its customers a machine model highly innovative for digital printing on glazing line or others.

The continuous research by T.S.C. Srl is a basic tool, essential for their growth, with the aim of creating new technologies for different market needs.

Year established:
Foreign locations:
    • PT TSC Indonesia (Indonesia), (Telephone: +62 2215826709)
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Company applications:

Materials, equipment supplied:

  • Decoration
  • Screen printing machines
  • Horizontal dryers
  • Complete turnkey plants for tiles
  • Complementary and product finishing machines
  • Polishing machines
  • Machines for mitre cuts
  • Tile cutting machines
  • Powder and granulate applicators
  • Glaze applicators
  • Glazing transport lines and accessories
  • Storage and handling
  • Loading and unloading machines, transfer machines
  • Instruments and equipment for drying and combustion

Product Categories:

  • Ceramic tiles