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Tecno Vibrazioni Venanzetti is a leading Company in the production of vibrating equipment and machinery with over 50 years' specific experience in this sector. Its presence on the market in guaranteed by a far-reaching sales force and after - sales service, now present internationally. In order to fulfill effectively and functionally its clients' demands, T.V.V. considers fundamental mastering specific know-how as well as having technical competence and an engineering department equipped with state-of-the-art project systems. In this way the client is guaranteed that the desired objectives will be reached through a precise coordination of the project phase, the definition of specifications and the production of the apparata or equipment. To obtain rewarding results, in today's constantly evolving market, T.V.V. employed additional personnel and constantly invests in research of increasingly valid technological solutions so as to ensure that its products are always innovative, as results obtained to this date go to show.