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MECA-TECNO was established in 2008 as the continuation of MECA, a long established manufacturer of bag-making machines.

MECA-TECNO was formed in order to address customer requirements for ever more effective and versatile solutions within the flexible packaging industry.

MECA-TECNO today offers a range of bag-making machines, multi-purpose and specialized for the production of shaped garment bags, and a series of flexographic printing units to be installed in-line with bag-making machines, extrusion lines and all types of film converting machinery.

MECA-TECNO combines the expertise acquired from decades of activity in close contact with the companies of the converting industry and has the ability to design bag-making and printing machinery. These attributes, along with the flexibility typical of small enterprises like ours, allow us to better understand our customers’ needs and to submit customized technological solutions.


Bags and sacks welding machines. Flexographic printing machines.