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The INglass-HRSFlow group was founded as Incos in 1987, with main activities comprising the design and manufacture of molds for the plastics industry. 1991 witnessed INglass-HRSFlow focusing its attention on rotating multicolour and multicomponent molds for automotive lighting. 2001 gave birth to the HRSFlow division targeted exclusively on the planning, design, and implementation of hot runner systems for plastic injection molding.

In 2004 the company set up the INglass division dedicated to injection compression molding technology and the production of large transparent polycarbonate surfaces as an alternative to glass products for the Automotive industry (Plastic Glazing).
Since 2007, INglass-HRSFlow has been able to offer customers a service aimed at optimising mold cooling time by means of mold cooling analysis and, if required, the production of tailor-made inserts using SLM - Selective Laser Melting (laser-melted metal powder) technology.

In 2009 a new production plant for hot runner systems opened in China - Hangzhou to serve the high demanding Asian markets like Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

INglass-HRSFlow is currently in the enviable position of being not only the simple supplier of molds and hot runner systems but also a real business partner capable of helping customers take critical decisions along the entire production chain and, consequently, putting them in the position to face the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Injection moulds, hot/cold runner injection systems