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Established in 1978 in Gorizia, IMSA IMPEX Srl is a company specialized in the distribution of glass, machinery and production equipment. IMSA is one of the largest suppliers to Central and East European markets, as it is in a position to satisfy any request in the glass-shaping and processing sector: from basic materials and accessories to the most advanced equipment, from spare parts to used machines, as well as engineering, consulting and after sales service. The company owes this successful development to a series of factors: a constant striving for quality together with research into new materials and technologies, as well as excellent consulting and support services. Through its branches IMSA is indirectly represented in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Romania and operates directly in Bulgaria, Poland, Montenegro, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and other Republics of the USSR.

Year established:
Company applications:

Index of products:

  • Complete handling lines
  • Handling robots
  • Manually-operated and automatic trolleys and sorters
  • Other equipment and accessories for handling, and storage of flat glass
  • Automatic straight-line cutting lines
  • Complete lines for shaped cutting
  • Cutting tables
  • Combined tables for glass cutting and break-off
  • Armored and laminated glass cutting machines
  • Shaped and round glass cutting machines
  • Diamond tools for cutting
  • Other equipment and accessories for cutting
  • Complete edging lines
  • Complete bevelling lines
  • Double-edging straight-line machines
  • Vertical straight-line machines
  • Bevelling machines for round and shaped glass
  • Straight-line bevelling machines
  • Bevel polishing machines
  • Machines for corner grinding
  • Grinding machines for shaped sheets
  • Embossing machines
  • Diamond tools for edging and bevelling
  • Polishing wheels
  • Other accessories for edging and bevelling
  • Automatic drilling lines
  • Multiple spindle drilling machines
  • Drilling machines with opposite drilling heads
  • Column drilling machines
  • Portable drilling machines
  • Diamond drills
  • Other drilling accessories
  • Straight-line engraving machines
  • Machines for shape engraving
  • CNC machining centre for engraving
  • Laser engraving systems
  • Sandblasting cabins
  • Other sandblasting accessories and products
  • Horizontal washing machines
  • Vertical washing machines
  • Washing machines for curved glass
  • Other accessories and products for washing
  • Painting machines
  • Drying furnaces for mirrors
  • Chemical products
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Other equipments and accessories for mirror systems
  • Complete insulating glass lines
  • Automatic sealing lines
  • Automatic spacer bending machines
  • Desiccant filling machines
  • Butyl extruders
  • Hot-melt extruders
  • Polyurethane extruders
  • Silicone extruders
  • Extruders for polysulphide sealants
  • Desiccants
  • Spacer bars for insulating glass
  • Polysulfide sealants
  • Other sealants
  • Other accessories and products for insulating glass
  • Complete plants for laminated glass
  • Infrared ovens
  • Other accessories and products for laminated glass
  • Tempering furnaces
  • Bending furnaces
  • Other accessories and products for tempering and bending
  • Glass optimization and scrap reduction software
  • Turn-key - Engineering - for flat glass designed for the building
  • Machines and systems for enamelling
  • Machines and systems for silk-screen printing
  • Glass marking machines
  • Glass melting furnaces
  • Drying furnaces
  • Deionizers and water softening systems
  • Metal fittings