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Famar Tec Srl
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Famar Tec is the heir of the great Famar experience. Located in Bologna (Italy), the well-known “Packaging Valley”, Famar Tec has developed a wide know-how in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for blisters, trays, cartons and cases for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. In 2015 the company joined the Curti Industries group, leader in mechanical processes and already active in the packaging sector with machines for the food sector and end of line. Famar Tec’s offer is actually implemented with consolidated casepack-ing and palletization solutions, both through single machines and with combined solutions. The company’s main strengths are research, development, design and production of custom machinery using cutting-edge technologies. Today Famar Tec is a steadily growing business that represents an ideal partner, guaranteeing customers valuable returns on investments in addition to full assistance, consulting and customer care, starting with management of the job and final testing. Certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 Company Applications: TF series blister machines They are distinguished by ease of use, small dimensions and quick format changeover. They are extremely flexible machines, able to accept different types of feeding system based on the product type and packaging material. The production speed varies according to model, from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 600 blisters per minute. The main working stations are controlled by brushless motors that enable performing format changeover without manual adjustment. With a balcony construction and roller sealing system, the machines can be equipped by vision systems as well as control and printing units. RM series blister machines Suitable for medium-high capacity, with plate sealing, these machines are available in different versions, depending on the customer’s requirements: RM 250 with intermittent and totally mechanical motion; RM 1025 with servomotors and a balcony structure; RM 350, the latest addition, totally driven by brushless motors, web up to 350 mm, pitch up to 300 mm, created for the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. All models are able to handle a range of packaging materials and can be supplemented with vision systems, control devices and remote control software. RF thermoforming machine Specially designed for packaging syringes, ampoules and vials thanks to its ability to reach a forming depth of 40 mm and a maximum width of 300 mm. The machine is available in different versions, depending on customer need: mechanical, electronic controlled by servo-motors or with web and step extension (RF/S version). The different feeding systems depend on the product type, mostly pick & place and robots. Horizontal alternate and continuous motion cartoners The alternate motion cartoning machine mod. A1 (120 cartons/min) and the new A3 series continuous motion cartoning machine (up to 300 cartons/min) are designed for horizontal packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and related products in pre-glued cartons, with glue or tuck-in closure. Both models, with balcony structure, can be integrated with serialization systems and prearranged for fitting different automatic product feeding units. They are also characterized by quick and simple format changeover and complete operator accessibility. Horizontal casepacker Available in the HCP312 automatic or CP313 semi-automatic versions, to pack cases into RSC boxes, the machine stands out for its sturdy and functional balcony structure as well as easy and speedy format changeover. Particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical sector, it is especially designed to fit control, aggregation and labelling systems. The speed of incoming products reaches 330 pieces per minute. Certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Company applications: Product Categories: Famar designs and manufacture automatic machines for blister, trays and cartons for pharmaceutical, herbalist and cosmetic fields Machines are fully customized: they are designed and built starting from customer’s production needs
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