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The first storage system for glass stocking produced by Antonio Piazza dates back to 1991 and was the model called "pettine"("comb").

Since then, the activity of the family in the projecting and construction field of stocking elements for glass has gone through a constant evolution, arriving to the foundation of various companies, among which the most recent is APB Antonio Piazza Brevetti.

The primary purpose of Antonio Piazza has always been, and still is, to place on the market systems that guarantee safety for the workers, space recovery, and time saving. The tenacity in reaching these purposes allowed the realization of storage systems to stock glass sheets, always in condition to satisfy the requests on the field (the capacity of the storage systems goes from 2.000 to 50.000 kg) and to earn the credit of the glass sellers.

Witnessing this, Antonio Piazza says "Our products are among the most copied in Italy, as much as abroad". The Piazza team work is characterized by continuous research and development of new ideas that assure the constant evolution in the field, like the new models of SS 3200 and SS 6000 loader for the picking of glass from the storage and the deposit on the mobile manipulator that translate independently from the loader further reducing working time and allowing the feeding to 3 cutting lines automatically. Or even the new loader SF 3200, SF 4000, SF 6000, that, picking up the glass from the storage system, unloads it directly on the cutting table reducing the space occupied to 50% in relation to the traditional line.

Year established:
Company applications:

Index of products:

  • Complete handling lines
  • Machines and equipment for sheet handling
  • Handling robots
  • Cranes and bridge cranes
  • Manually-operated and automatic trolleys and sorters
  • Other equipment and accessories for handling, and storage of flat glass