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Amotek, established in 1977, is located in Zola Predosa near Bologna, Italy, the leading area for the automatic packaging industries. Since January 1999, Amotek is part of the Optima Packaging Group GmbH.

With more than 30 years of experience, Amotek designs and manufactures horizontal automatic bagging machines and complete packaging lines. Continuous investing in research, development and innovation allows Amotek to propose a vast range of highly versatile and high-tech automatic machines suitable for bagging different products as, for instance, toilet and kitchen rolls, sanitary napkins, baby and adult diapers, dustbin bags etc. etc.

Amotek's machines, extremely versatile and easy to operate, may pack single or multiple products into bags from tubular, flat, centerfolded film or pre-made bags. The bags obtainable from our machines may be in different styles like with carrier handle or finger hole, bottom and/or top gussetts, closure with twist as well as with reclosable profiles. Thanks to their operation flexibility, the Amotek machines may be automatically coupled to any production line or independently operated as single unit.

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Product Categories:

  • Horizontal automatic bagging machines for sanitary napkins
  • baby and adult diapers
  • toilet and kitchen rolls
  • dustbin bags in roll, cotton balls, household clothes, etc. into bag obtained from centrefolded film in reel or premade bags
  • Flowwrapping machines for wet wipes for cleaning- personal care and cosmetic