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The first ALTECH labelling machine started production in September 1991. It was the result of the commitment of a small group of people whose joint intention was to produce innovative self-adhesive labelling machines. Advanced Labelling Technologies, ALTECH was the result.

Nowadays millions of self-adhesive labels are applied by ALTECH systems every day. From the factory in Bareggio, close to Milan, these labellers reach purchasers located in all five continents.

Industrial labellers, self-adhesive labelling machines, linerless systems, sleeve applicators made up of simple labelling heads that can be integrated into existing packaging lines, or complete in-line systems equipped with conveyors and adjusting, orienting, spacing, checking, ejecting and sorting units which meet the customers’ most sophisticated production requirements.

These are complemented by real-time print & apply systems, of which ALTECH is a leading, innovating company in the sector of material identification, codification and traceability.

ALTECH self-adhesive labellers are versatile, flexible, and reliable in their performance; the result of ALTECH’s twenty-year experience as a curious, open and smart market player. They are a company relying on its expert staff and resources to continuously enhance the "Advanced Labelling Technologies" it was named after: ALTECH.

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  • Advanced labelling equipment
  • printers & applicators of self-adhesive labels
  • labelling systems
  • sleeving equipment