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AIGLE began its activity in 1958 by producing FLOCKING machines for all applications. The first ten years were spent in improving and developing the flock technology, particularly for application in the textile field. In 1968, AIGLE started the construction of COATING and LAMINATING equipment which was considered a natural extension of its former production.

AIGLE designs, manufactures and sells its equipment all over the world; its machines are manufactured in a factory, located in Borgaro Torinese.
The AIGLE organization consists of the following:
- Engineering department for mechanic, electric, pneumatic, thermic and hydraulic design, fully equipped for industrial design with 3D CAD system.
- Production department equipped with modern tool machines and high profile carpentry.
- Electric/electronic department for studying and assistance of the control panels and PLC programming.
- Technical and technological assistance for erecting and commissioning the equipment is considered a crucial part on the selling process of the Aigle industrial culture.

AIGLE invests many resources in research and development for updating and increasing the performances of its COATING and FLOCKING plants creating a technical team with the skills for construction as well as the engineering of complete plants and single equipment.

As a result of these efforts our machines and installations help our customers face the challenges of the current market.

In more than 50 years of activity, AIGLE has accumulated a great deal of experience with handling its customer relationships. AIGLE can offer ready and proven technical solutions to customers with precise and defined demands and technical requests. In addition, AIGLE can be also considered a partner for developing new projects for facing the difficulties of the existing market.


Machinery, Tools and Accessories

Coating plants, Embossing equipment, Flocking plants, Laminating plants, Machinery and plant for plastics and rubber finishing, decorating, printing and marking