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Adelio Lattuada Srl


The wide range of machines Adelio Lattuada Srl produces is the result of more than 30 years of experience, consolidated by a deep technical competency and by a constant contact with customers with different requirements and needs. Their main target is to supply a product conceived in order to solve various processing problems and therefore to obtain the highest possible satisfaction of their customers.

Their current range of machinery produced includes:

  • more than 30 models of electronic or with PC straight-line edging machines for flat edge, with variable angle and peripheral edging machines from 4 to 16 wheels
  • 2 models of double-edgers with 10 or 11 wheels per side
  • more than 10 models of electronic or with PC straight-line bevelling machines from 6 to 14 wheels
  • 2 models of combined straight-line edging/bevelling machines (electronic or with PC) for the simultaneous processing of flat edge with arris and bevel in one single passage
  • 4 models of automatic corners grinding machines
  • 3 models of vertical washing machines


All Adelio Lattuada models can be personalized through a wide range of options, in order to be “custom made” and they offer an optimal duration/cost ratio. Their machines are mainly characterized by a great technological flexibility, simplicity and require limited maintenance.  The functional planning and manufacturing standards used avoid long and expensive machine stops. After-sale technical assistance is followed by a qualified staff of technicians both from the Italian seat and from associated companies all over the world.

Year established:
Company applications:

Index of products:

  • Complete edging lines
  • Complete bevelling lines
  • Double-edging straight-line machines
  • Vertical straight-line machines
  • Bevelling machines for round and shaped glass
  • Straight-line bevelling machines
  • Bevel polishing machines
  • Machines for corner grinding
  • Grinding machines for shaped sheets
  • Diamond tools for edging and bevelling
  • Polishing wheels
  • Abrasives and polishing oxides
  • Coolants and flocculants
  • Other accessories for edging and bevelling
  • Vertical washing machines
  • Other accessories and products for washing
  • Other water conditioning systems
  • Other accessories and products for washing
  • Other water conditioning systems