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ACMA is a member of Coesia Group. Coesia is a group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy and fully owned by Isabella Seràgnoli. The name ACMA is synonymous with products that have become part of people’s everyday lives and machines that have revolutionized both Italian and worldwide packaging.

ACMA represents more than 85 years of success for the Italian industry. Innovation has always been a central feature of ACMA's philosophy and was the key to setting the standard in the market during its long history.

The new organization of AMCA and the other companies in the group are ready to support marketing which is constantly evolving in terms of product demand and technology. The business units have been set up: they represent the new organization structure for sales and marketing activities and they give ACMA extreme flexibility for modern packaging proposals.

Company applications:

Product Categories:

  • Automatic machines for the packaging of consumer goods
  • foodstuffs
  • confectionery
  • detergents
  • cosmetics and liquid products in general