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Abbà Company is located in the town of Centallo, in the North West of Italy.

It was originally founded in 1975 by Giuseppe Abbà, who decided to maximize his experience in marketing products for plant protection starting producing specific articles for spraying and weeding, in particular the first fan-spray nozzle and the fist mould for weeding bell.

 Since then things have changed a lot!

At present at the helm of the company, beside the founder, there are the sons.: Davide, who is the Production Manager and Federica, who is the Administrative Manager.

Actually the staff is composed of two employees and five workers.

Over the years the company has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the farmers.

The utilization of chemicals more and more corrosive, the big problems of drift and environmental pollution, together with nozzle’s mechanical wear induced the company to refine the plastic nozzles and to specialize in the manufacture of ceramic ones.

The goal of the company has always been to engage in research and development in order to improve the quality of the nozzles offering cost-effective and farmer-friendly products.

The 70% of the nozzle production is sold in Europe (Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria) in Croatia and Serbia, in Central and South America (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay), in Turkey and in Iran, while the remaining 30% is sold on the Italian Market (in particular to builders, retailers of agricultural machinery and farmers).