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Tube Tech Machinery Srl

Tube Tech Machinery is an Italian Company specializing in designing and producing tube, pipe and sheet-metal laser cutting machines. Tube Tech Machinery has become a specialist in the tube laser cutting sector, providing complete systems designed according to the automation needs of manufacturing processes, to suit the most demanding end-users. The in-line and stand alone Laser cutting machines...


Emilia Romagna
The TVMP Srl company was founded in 1972. Since then it has specialized in manufacturing die holders for the injection of plastic materials and the pressure die-casting of light alloys, offering a variety of standard products and custom designed die holders. TVMP is ISO9001 certified.

Tyrolit Vincent Srl


The Tyrolit Group is a world leader in the production and distribution of:

  • Conventional and super abrasives for applications in the fields of glass and optics, precision mechanics and metallurgy
  • Diamond tools for applications in the building industry, natural stone and ceramics sectors
  • Modular machine systems for the controlled demolition of...


  • Jet dyeing machines
  • HT dyeing apparatus for cones
  • Dye beams
  • Dyeing spindles / dyeing tubes and cones
  • HT dyeing apparatus for beams
  • Sample dyeing equipment
  • Package dryers
  • Fabric dyeing apparatus / atmospheric pressure
  • Laboratory dyeing apparatus
  • Centrifugal hydro-extractors


Specializes in: handheld, mounted, trailed and self -propelled spraying and weeding equipment, low volume sprayers, sprayer components (fan groups, foam makers, mixing tanks, spray booms, etc.)



The UNILOY brand is an industry leader in blow molding and structural foam/web solutions for a wide range of applications.  No other partner offers our comprehensive family of technologies to perfectly match your application needs.
UNILOY delivers far more than just machinery, molds, and tooling. We deliver total turnkey solutions to rapidly and cost-effectively transform your ideas...


Established in 1950, Union is today a solid and modern business reality, leader in extrusion field for rigid and foam plastic material, specialized in manufacture complete extrusion line at high technology and components to enhance existing lines.
UNION is one of the few manufacturers to keep a workshop inside of its industrial unit for machining operations. This choice has much contributed...


  • Accessories
  • Jeans treatment machinery
  • Tumbler dryers
  • Centrifugal extractors
  • Washing machines
  • Spotting machinery
  • Solvent washing machines
  • Supercentrifugal washing machines
  • Self-service washing machinery
  • Self-service tumbler dryers
  • Wet-cleaning washing machines
  • Centrifugal hydro-...