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Belfortglass Srl


Belfortglass was founded in 1971, when it started the production of thiokol and butyl extruders for insulating glass, that are still today very well-known and appreciated all over the world.

In 1979 Belfortglass started the diamond wheels production, which has reached today a very high quality level also due to the continuous exchange of experience with the machine producers’ engineers...


Emilia Romagna

The company was founded in 1950, and from the beginning has worked exclusively in the foundry industry. The directors had established the company to make and market their design of sand mixer as well as a range of geared crane ladles, and in a short period they had established themselves as significant suppliers of these type of products. Their success in turn attracted enquiries for other...


BELLON srl is a family-operated company founded in the mid-1960s by the brothers Lamberto, Renzo and Dino Bellon, who are still its managers. Specializes in mowers.


Benassi a leader in the production, construction and design of small mechanization equipment for agriculture and gardening. Thanks to its many years of market presence, experience and the trust of over 1500 dealers, our company offers Europe and the World a wide range of products for soil hoeing, field scything and grass mowing.

Bergi SpA


BERGI OFB has now become synonymous with quality, technology and technical innovation in the whole world of the tanning industry. Since 1965, when it was founded by the president of the company, BERGI has gradually specialized - until today considered to be 'market leader' - in the design and construction of: a complete line of grinding, rotary presses print and ironing, polishing machines,...


Created as a spin off from the well known Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A., leader in Italy and abroad in manufacturing asphalt plants, Bernardi Recycling Plants S.r.l is specialized in manufacturing recycling plants. Bernardi Recycling Plants activity is focused in the production of plants in the field of environmental protection, for the best recovery and recycling of industrial scraps,...


BERTI M.A. Srl is a leading company on the Italian and international market, thanks to more than 40-years of skill in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery. The flail mowers offered by BERTI consist of three different lines of products: "Garden Line," "Agricultural Line" and "Professional Line." All these lines make it possible for BERTI to provide a range of more than 210 models suited for...