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Angeleri Off. Mecc. Srl

Present in the production of machines for the footwear and leather goods since 1954, Angeleri has specialized in the production of gluing machines, dyeing roller, hot-scribers. With over 60 models of machines they are able to satisfy any requirement of gluing. Experience in the footwear industry has allowed them to provide technology to other manufacturing sectors such as the automotive...


In the specific sector of high pressure pumps since 1956. At present, Annovi Reverberi produces about 750,000 pumps a year and exports about 80% of products. Environmental awareness has led to the creation of sophisticated systems for regulating the distribution of liquids and for controlling and metering pesticides.

Antares Srl

Antares is the leading company in the production of strap cutting machines, above all for cutting synthetic, leather, hide, rubber and others except the ferrous and porcelain ones; in the manufacturing of shoes, leather goods, trimmings, clothing and etc. Our production is composed by different types of machines to satisfy all your exigencies of cut and we are always working to increase our...

Antonini Srl


The Antonini Srl Company was founded in 1942 by Antonini Fosco in Ponte a Elsa, a small town near Florence in the heart of Italy, and since then it has always worked in the branch of glass. Beginning as a domestic management firm with only 5 employers, it has passed today to 50 and has developed its image and reputation thanks to technological innovations, permitting Antonini to obtain...


Four-wheel drive tractors rigid frame, articulated four-wheel drive tractors, rigid frame multi-purpose farm vehicle

Anzani Srl

Anzani, established in 1953 as a manual conveyors producer for the shoe factories department knew that they were going to transform small artisan shoe makers to medium-sized firms.
The shoe industrialization therefore found Anzani always beside the most important Italian and foreigner producers. This allowed them to design and create machinery to meet with the ever growing needs of...

APB Antonio Piazza Brevetti Srl


The first storage system for glass stocking produced by Antonio Piazza dates back to 1991 and was the model called "pettine"("comb").

Since then, the activity of the family in the projecting and construction field of stocking elements for glass has gone through a constant evolution, arriving to the foundation of various companies, among which the most recent is APB Antonio Piazza...

Apego Srl

Apego is the point of reference in the field of high-tech footwear molds and produces both molds for direct injection and molds for boots of all types of materials (PU - TPU-PU - RUB-PU - PVC - TR).

Apego is synonymous with tradition and innovation, efficiency and quality; the results concrete the experience of the investment in the best production technologies.


Apex Italy Srl

Apex is specialized in the development and production of high quality metering rolls for standard and special applications, concentrating on the printing, coating and corrugated board industry worldwide.

It is Apex’s mission to build a solid relationship with customers, founded on trust, generating mutual growth and success.