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Vega is specialized in the design, construction, sales and services of hydraulic cylinders for application on moulds for plastic materials and die casting. The strategy of Vega aims more at providing application solutions rather than simple products. This means understanding and satisfying specific demands according to the different professional environments in the world of personalised service.


Developing innovative solutions together with our customers. Innovation, process knowledge and application expertise is our philosophy. For over 70 years, Foseco has been at the forefront of foundry process development and has been responsible for major innovations in casting technology such as refractory feeding technology, metal filtration, direct pour technology, die coatings, fluxes, granular...


Emilia Romagna
Viara designs and manufactures industrial machines and complete lines for the production of plastic bags and sheets of different materials and special products. The Viara range of machines is designed to produce small and large bags and sheets (up to eight meters in length) with a 10 to 1200...
Vibrowest Italiana SRL

Vibrowest Italiana SRL


Industrial vibrating sieves and separators

Vibrowest traces its roots to 1963 becoming an agent for a U.S. manufacturer of vibrating screens. The original group introduced vibrating sieve technology to the...

Videojet Italia Srl

Videojet is synonymous with quality everywhere in the world.

Videojet Italia Srl is a subsidiary of Videojet Technologies Inc., a multinational company that produces coding systems inkjet, laser, thermal transfer labeling. Videojet offers marking solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Their systems are used in particular in the areas of packaging, food, automotive...