Vertical Tabs


Vismara OMV

The company has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of flat glass working machinery. They specialize in the field of drilling machines with single or multi-heads, both horizontal and vertical, and to complete our production range, also drilling lines, not only for glass decoration and construction, but also for the glass for photovoltaic systems and also for the earth moving machine...



Vitap has been present for over 60 years in the field of woodworking machines.Nevertheless, our machines are also able to process materials in corian, bakelite and HPL (High-Pressure decorative laminates).

These qualities have allowed us to become an important reality in the sector...


Vitella srl is a company which has been active in the market of bakery and pastry equipment for the last 12 years. Our core business features dividers destined to bakeries, pastries and pizzerias. The highly specialized production, the reliability of our machines and our competitive prices have made us very well known in the worldwide market.

VM Motori SpA

Emilia Romagna


VM Motori was founded in 1947. The Company is specialised in the design and production of diesel engines for a variety of uses.


VM Motori's engines were initially targeted towards the industrial, agricultural and marine industries. It was the development of a new range of state of the art, turbocharged diesel engines in the mid-seventies...


VMI BERTO ITALIA is a subsidiary of VMI specializing in Spiral Mixers in order to better serve the worldwide baking & pastry industry. VMI BERTO ITALIA has over 20 years of experience in the production of SPIRAL MIXERS for artisans, semi-industrial bakers and supermarkets. In addition to producing a wide range of machines in the mixing field, VMI Berto offers its customers top quality,...

Volber Srl

Volber, was born in 1968 and at the beginning started with metallic furniture for shoe makers. Now, Volber produces dust extractors and shoe machines; and is now part of the leadership for dust extractors, and brushing machines and sanding machines. Their pride is to make all passages for the steel to finished machine so they have control on quality.

Volontè System Conveyor Srl

Due to long experience that started back in 1951 and careful research and continuous updating, the Volontè System Conveyor can today, be placed among the most qualified and reliable at both a national and international level. So this is a trusted label that, for decades, is synonymous with quality due to the firm's constant efforts to perfect and update its products in order to answer the...